Wednesdays don’t suck anymore! Beeba is doing a great job getting Liron to Dr. Linas’ office on time and in a great mood.

After I picked up Daniel it was till 90 degree so we all had a great swim. So refreshing. He has a new life jacket and is just swimming away with it. And I bought each kid a kickboard. They are doing a lot of arm and kicking strokes. I think they will both be great swimmers. It was a lot of fun and sooo nice…..

Then, TV and taco tuesday (cept it’s wednesday).




Happy Birthday, Palexander! Though you are far, you are near in our hearts and minds! We will see you in 4 days. Sorry you stayed home and had a sick day. What a crappy way to spend your birthday!

Daniel’s new friend, Jackson came over from up street. His little sister, Kirsten came (she’s a seedling I think at Little Acorns) as well as their mom. I made everyone grilled cheese sandwiches and watermelon. It was awesome. Also, I had another adult to drink OYSTER BAY wine with!

At the end, Daniel turned to Jackson’s mom and said, unprompted “THE POINT IS, Jackson doesn’t want to go home.”



Pizza Brama and Baskin Robbins night. After a TV show, LG went down to build some magnatiles homes. Daniel and I took a walk over to meet Jackson, a four-year old who lives up the street. They were fast friends – of course, because Jackson has a closet full of Legos! Ha. Well, his parents seem really nice and interested in socializing.

Liron’s new school friend, Lia will come Sunday – so they’re social lives are really heating up. This neighborhood is the best.


LG saw Teen Titans with Beeba and Daniel had a friend come over. We went to shoe train and got sneakers and water shoes (for DD and sis). Sis will try hers on tomorrow and make sure they fit. Both pink, of course, and totally fabulous. Daniel got a cute little mini mohawk.

Tomorrow, Swim, swim and more swim. And lessons. And spinach pasta, homemade.

Nice, peaceful weekend.


Watching Darjeeling limited, my favorite movie. Kids are at Beeba & Vowel’s, PA in St. Petersburg. Jogged, had me some salad and meatballs and enjoying the quiet. Had a nice swim/soak with Beebs today in our pool that is now being maintained, legit! Weekend weather looks good. Daniel has a friend, Alec, coming over tomorrow. LG and Beeba to see Teen Titans in the most fabulous Rockville cinema.

Haircuts and new shoes for all!


Pizza Brama night! Sis stayed home feeling sick, but she seems to have her energy back and is on track to go to school tomorrow. She was reading her Incredibles chapter book and was struck with a major case of the excitees. Good thing we cleared the way for her to calm down and end the night on track (calmly, with dessert, a TV show, teeth brushing and meeting the 8:30 challenge).

Daniel was a big helper. After his dinner and a great big bubble bath he helped me turn off and remove the pool robot from the pool. He loves to be a helper.

The weekend is upon us.


Date night for me and sis. She chose Silver Diner in Rockville. She and Daniel now have kids’ club memberships. Every 5th meal is free! We had great quality time. We talked about how Daniel was a great addition to our family. As she put it “Daniel is like sugar added to the cake.” Also shared “I liked our ‘we’ time.” Success.

She and Daniel still managed to make the 8:30 challenge.

Raining cats and dogs. Biblical floods for the past week. Go away, rain!