Kids are sick! It’s been a long week. Today LG feels barfy and has a barf bowl beside on the couch. I am going to help her set up a blog today.

Daniel is upstairs with PA. He has a bad cough. He’s upstairs because he was being annoying and spacebusting.

Beebs is sleeping downstairs, away from the chaos.



I think L & D are going through a growth spurt. Both stayed up until about 9:30 eating pizza and applesauce. PA went to an event this evening for Music in Exile in support of an upcoming trip to Bangladesh to document music/stories of displaced musicians.

Me, well ya know, nothing new!


Is it spring yet? This weekend Lg and I were kinda sick so we stayed home mostly (I got 2 workouts in) and more importantly I cooked. Between Friday afternoon and Sunday afternoon I made: roast chicken, lamb soup, hamentashen and a leek and herb quiche.

Daniel is doing great at swimming. He tried karate and did better in the one-on-one part with a teacher.

Movie night is going strong!

Next weekend kids may re-try their sleepover. God help us.

Waiting for sunny, warm weather.


It was a great weekend. Spring is around the corner, the days are getting longer, and a new mission is being hatched. Daniel is doing well at swim class, and Liron loves Torah Circle (today: yoga, fruit baskets for Purim and dancing her excitees away). Then she spent an extra hour+ outside on the swingset. Oh man, what is better.

I wish it was earlier (instead of 10:40) and I could just cook up a Ruth Riechl storm in my kitchen. Alas.


Daniel is at swim class at the Jcc – very important now that we have a POOL! I take Liron to the JCC at 1:30 for Torah Circle.

Yelena and Tolic came and visited for the first time this weekend. I would say they strongly approve. Yelena, Daniel, Liron and I went on a big scooter/balance bike neighborhood exploration and we were all exhausted in the end – in a good way. Then Liron met a new friend at MoCo Movement. Beeba and Vowel came and had dinner with us (BBQ).

Now I am exploring policy and advocacy jobs.


Another snow day for LG and temperatures in the teens. It’s Wednesday so my night to go out and exercise! I like to go to the JCC and do my weights and then go grocery shopping at my Giant. I love it, it’s my thang. Next Friday batman (Daniel, that is) has pajama day and will wear the batman sleeper sis got him.

On Sunday I’m going to a Smithsonian to see Julia Child’s kitchen – OMFG.


It is ridiculously cold out but it doesn’t make sense to cancel school over this! But that’s what the schools do anyways! At least for LG. She stayed inside on the windiest, coldest day in her Hello Kitty sleeper and watched Trolls with Beeba, and took a long kupatsa. It’s Thursday so naturally we had pizza and ice cream. Yes, I went to Baskin Robbins. Their chocolate peanut butter is classic. Thursday is PA’s kickboxing night (and Tues).